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Mission Statement

The mission of the Hudson Fire Protection District is to aggressively and safely protect life, property, and the environment by providing excellence in emergency services, training, and prevention.


We would like to welcome you to Hudson Fire Protection District, where we proudly serve the communities of Hudson, Lochbuie, and unincorated Weld County!

The Hudson Fire Protection District provides fire services to approximately 96 square miles in southern Weld County, Colorado. We are committed to our customers, and it is our goal to provide quality fire suppression, fire prevention, life safety, and property conservation to the Town of Hudson, the Town of Lochbuie, and the surrounding rural area. We also provide emergency medical services within our area. 

The district is governed by a Board of Directors, and meet at station 1 on the 3rd Tuesday of every month. The meetings are open to the public and begin at 6:00pm. Feel free to stop by. 

Hudson Fire Protection District currently is a Combination Fire Department which has 28 Full-time career employees: 1 Fire Chief, 1 Battalion Chief, 1 Training Captain, 6 Lieutenants, 6 Engineers, 12 Firefighters, and 1 District Administrator. Being combination means we are supplemented by volunteers, currently we have 2 Volunteer Firefighters and are always recuriting for more as they play a vital role in assisting the community. If interested in volunteering please visit our employment page or stop by and talk with the on duty crew. 

We have 2 staffed stations and 1 quarter master station (storage). Station 1 in Hudson and Station 3 in Lochbuie are staffed 24/7, every day of the year. There are 4 firefighters at each station; giving the district 8 full-time paid firefighters at all times, day and night to respond to an emergency. From the time of dispatch to the time out the door to an emergency takes us 90 seconds, no matter the time the call comes in, this is the standard we maintain and practice. The 4 man firefighter crews work 48 hours on (2 days), and have 96 hours off (4 days); for a total of 3 shifts that rotate weekly. The average hourly work week for your firefighters is 56 hours a week. Firefighters respond to calls, train, live, eat and sleep during their 2 day tour at their assigned firehouses. 

Station 2 in Hudson is our quarter master station and is not staffed, but houses addtional equitment and is frequenly used to conduct training. 

We are often asked what we do when not respondering to calls for service. When not responding to calls we are doing a wide variety of tasks as we work and live in the firehouses we staff. With the ever increasing needs asked of the fire department we are constantly training is a wide varierty of tasks including but not limited to fire surpression, medical emergencies, techincal rescues, and hazardous materials relate incidents. We also do a number of things for fire prevention such as completing fire safety inspections for all businesses within the district, participating in safety day events, and teaching kids about fire safety at both elementy schools.

Further, we take pride in our fire stations and equitment providing basic care and maintance to both. As these are not only ours to provide a service to the community, but yours as well. We could not do our jobs without the support of our citizens that live, work, and play in our district. Thank you for your support as we continue to fulfill the needs of our rapidly growing district!

Please feel free to come by and visit with your firefighters! They would be happy to show you around and answer any questions you may have about the district, services we provide, or the profession itself.

Visit our official Facebook Page for up to date posts, and pictures at: https://www.facebook.com/hudsonfire/

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